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Well... my journal here has been pretty much useless for most of the time, due to me not writing anything useful in it. So, here is something useful. A link with lovely art for all of you people to see!


Go check Margie's stuff out! If you're into awesome cartoony things, then it'll be the right thing to do!
Ehm... As you may have already gathered, by the sketches I posted earlier today- I decided to start a blog. Which can be seen here:

  It may as well be a misguided effort, but after showing my sketches and notes to a few of my friends I have come to the conclusion that these might be useful to... somebody out there, in the great big world. Hopefuly, more than one person. Sooo... I'll be posting sketches and notes there. And it'll eventually become full of pretty pictures and words of wisdom. So... feel free to take a look, tell your friends, bring your families... You know... Stuff.

  Aaanyway... Should you wish to see something in particular discussed in the notes, do mention this, either here or in the comments over at the blog. I'll be really glad if I'm able to help somebody in some way with all this. Worst case scenario- I'll be showing people what not to do:)

  Also, I'll probably be posting the sketches here as well. But I guess I'll be posting a few of them at once, but a bit less frequently than at the blog (which I will hopefully update more than once a year... ).

   Sooo... have a great day, whoeveritisthatisreadingthis! And thanks for looking!
Hello good people who might be reading this.
As you might have seen, I've recently uploaded some fancy sketches of people and whatnot. Just people actually... Aaanyway... Since I am in the habbit of going about town and sketching people... and travelling on the subway... and sketching people... or going to life drawing sessions... and sketching people... I was curious if there was anybody else who is keenly interested in those aforementioned activities.
Because it gets kinda boring drawing people by yourself sometimes... So if you want to go around town and sketch people or go to life drawing sessions and sketch people, feel free to tell me. So we can sketch people together.
And... uhm... I'm in Sofia, Bulgaria. I believe that is a useful bit of information that I almost left out.

Ето и на български. За всеки случай. Защото, като се замисля, то това май е по-разумно да го бях написал направо на български...
Таааа... ! Ако на някой му се ходи да скицираме хора заедно. Или да скицираме каквото и да е- да се чувства свободен да спомене:) Става дума за София.
Аз редовно си скицирам хора, докато пътувам с метрото (ако видите някой да прави така, има голям шанс да съм аз. Можете да кажете "здрасти":)) И тъй като е по-забавно с компания- който иска да рисуваме заедно е добре дошъл. Само трябва да напише:)
I like waffles.
Hello, everyone who might be reading this, by accident or otherwise... :)
Since, as it turns out, I'll be spending the next two weeks in Montreal, could any of you fine people point me tooo... interesting places to visit, fun things to do, and all that:) Would be grealty apprecited.

Also, we could hang out and draw/paint/chat/drink or whatever if anyone feels like it:)
After a few years of absence,I'm back on DeviantArt. While I was gone, I graduated school and university (I am now a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics. Cool, huh?), worked two years as a game designer and am now working as 3D/2D environment artist at Ubisoft. Aaand... that's about it.
Have a nice day, whoeveritisthatisreadingthis.
I feel gloomy... It's not nice...  
But I'm gonna see a movie this evening and let us hope this will fix things up!:) And let's hope I'llget work on finishing that rabbit's rig... :)
It is still mysteriously missing... Wonder where it is...
Dinner's ready. I can smell it! Mwahaha!
And... then it's off to rabbit's land!
  Somebody must've turned it off... Oh well... All that's left now is to wait for dinner. And in the meantime- try to rig an insane maniacal rabbit in 3DS Max... Hard work that one. So anyway- if anyone sees the Sun today- tell it to com back tomorrow. It's kinda dark here...